Service Ministry

service ministry



Mission Statement:


To reconcile our community to Christ by sharing the love of Jesus Christ with non-members of Trinity who are struggling to meet the physical and emotional needs of everyday life. 

To encourage and nurture those in our congregation who serve and desire to serve the needy by inviting them into action, training and equipping them to help and sharing with them the joy of being a part of the “larger story.”

This is accomplished through active participation in partnerships with local Christian-based organizations that address the needs of the socio-economically disadvantaged in our community.

Vision Statement:

As we live purposefully in our community we will bring reconciliation to families, classes and races.   We will bring spiritual freedom to those enslaved to sin, financial freedom to those burdened by debt, and emotional freedom to those weighed down by the worries of this life.   We will courageously engage in the messy work of loving our neighbors well, realizing that the local church is the hope of this world



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